Sunday, 10 November 2013

iFan charger - Wind powered battery charger for iPhone

I-fan charger
If you have a I-phone and you like to have eco-friendly green gadgets then the latest iFan charger will be a great device for charging your iPhone and you will love it.There are many green cool gadgets available in market but most of them are powered by solar energy or water powered like Water powered Clock ,but I-Fan is something different because it uses wind energy to generate power.So you dont have to wait for sun light,you just need to keep it in some place where wind is available ,maybe just below your fan.
I-Phone chargerA wind turbine is attached to this latest gadget that helps to generate electricity for your I-phone from wind. The whole gadget comes with a rubber iPhone case along with a fan which is the modified version of the PC fan which acts like a dynamo. I-fan takes around 6 hours to fully charge your I-phone
Currently I-fan is in developing phase and its a concept.It will be in market very soon.Would you like to buy it ?

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